Audio Recordings at the site – This is an audio recording I took whilst walking up Masons lane. Just from listening to this audio you can tell just how handy to the city it is as you can hear the traffic and the buzz of people. You also hear people’s footsteps (mostly mine) walking up and down the stairs. I visited the site in a relatively quiet part of the day, so it would be interesting to compare this audio recording to one that was taken around 5-5:30, in rush hour when there would be a lot more noise of people. The further i get up the stairs you can also start to hear the video that is playing in the installation halfway. – The second set of stairs audio. – Audio for the last set of stairs going up Masons Lane.


Blind Drawings



These are a couple of Blind drawings that I drew at the site. The first is from below the lights, looking up at them. The second I was at the top of the Second set of stairs looking back at the lights hanging. Once I got home however I filled them in with water colours.



I took this video of myself walking down the stairs at Masons lane. I then edited it by speeding it up and then adding in a recording I took of an aspect of my ritual, the water getting let out of the sink. I edited it as to how I react at the sound of this noise. Because I personally find the noise of the water getting let out of the sink distressing I started the video of at a normal pace and then as more and more water gets let down the drain and gets louder I speed the video up as it allows myself in the video to look more stressed. It is almost as if I am trying to run away from the noise.  

My Experience

My experience walking up the 71 steps of Masons lane from Lambton Quay to The Terrace was very mixed. I started the first set of stairs and I was quite happy, I was thinking that it looked pretty cool. I thought the lights were a nice touch and I stood their admiring them for a moment. Even being alone I did not find this lane scary or uncomfortable to be in. But as i made my way up the second set of stairs for the first time I got quite a fright, there was a weird noise coming from somewhere and I had no idea what it was but as i climbed the stairs cautiously I realised it was one of the monthly videos playing in the screen. Once i realised what it was I was back to normal. After going up the third and final set of stairs I remember being quite disorientated for a moment, wondering how I was just on Lambton Quay moments ago to now being on The Terrace, it took me a couple of moments to get my bearings. 

Photographs Taken at my site


This first image is just taken from the street of the the sign pointing to Masons lane.




These three images focus on the lights at the site. They are photographed from different angles. I find the shot from below the lights particularly interesting as it is taken from an angle that one would not normally see them at unless it was intentional. The general public would only notice them from a straight on angle. In the image of the lights hanging we can see how the lights reflect off the surface behind them, it could be interesting to play with this idea more, how the lights react on different surfaces.




These pictures focus mainly on the stairs. Again we can see that the first shot highlights the different lights and how the stairs react. This image was taken at the top of Masons Lane where it was obviously somewhat sunny at the time of day i went but the majority of the stairs are still sheltered. I find the second images quite interesting also as it almost takes a couple of seconds for your eyes to adjust and to be able to figure out just what you are looking at. I could play around with this idea of a sort of optical illusion.

Exploration of Textures

I wanted to explore the shape and form of bubbles so i decided to add so food colouring into the bubbles in the sink water and then place a piece of paper on top of the bubbles to try and get some sort of pattern. However it didn’t really come out the way I had hoped. The bubbles sort of stuck to the paper (first Photo) and when they all popped they didn’t leave any shape that resembled bubbles (second photo). However it could still be interesting to explore these forms that were made.

Because my first idea didn’t work i wanted to explore another way of showing the forms of bubbles. I decided to make a bubble mixture with the dish washing liquid and add food die, I then blew the bubbles onto a piece of paper, as they popped on the paper they made shapes because of the food die. We can see some perfect circles, some not so perfect ones and the splatters of when the bubbles popped. I did 2 tests, the second test (first image) worked best as we can clearly see the shapes that were made.

Masons Lane

Why did i choose Masons lane?

I chose the walkway between Lambton Quay and the Terrace as my site, specifically Masons Lane. I chose this as my ritual is not only an everyday occurrence for me but also many people, most people wash dishes at some point in the day. Because my ritual involves many people i wanted to chose a somewhat public space. I also like the idea of being able to work with the solid structure and space that is already there.  

In class model


I created this model in class as after choosing my site (Masons lane). This is a quick model made out of cardboard and string based off Masons lane. I chose to focus on the idea of the steps as this is a key part of the lane. I chose to represent the idea of people travelling up and down these steps every day through the use of the feet and the string. I string represents the constant and continuous movement and flow of people going up and down the stairs.