Sketch Up model


screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-9-06-28-pm screen-shot-2017-03-05-at-9-06-55-pm


This is a very simple sketch up model of where my ritual of washing the dishes happens. It is the kitchen bench and the cupboards where I put the dry dishes into. I have put a person in the top image so we can get a sense of scale.


Drawings of sound


I asked 3 of my friends to draw down the way they interpreted the different noises, as i played the sound. The first was of the water getting let out of the sink. The first three we can see are all quite random and erratic, this corresponds with the water getting let out of the sink. The noise builds up to be quite full on as the water gets sucked down then it slowly mellows out as the water disappears. The second recording that i gave them to listen to was the sink getting filled up. We can see that all three of the drawings are quite linear. I can understand this linear pattern as the noise of the sink filling up doesn’t change a whole lot, it is quite constant. We can sort of see a pattern in each of the drawings for this image, it starts of different because as the water hits the empty sink it makes quite a sharp noise but as the sink slowly fills it gets to be more of a consistant sound.

Ritual Investigation – Steps

Grab hot water tap

Turn to the right

Grab first dish

Place dish in sink

Rinse off excess food

Place back in dirty pile

Repeat till all dishes are reasonably food free

Grab the plug

Place plug into the sink hole

Grab hot water tap

Turn to the right

Let water run till the sink is full

Grab the hot water tap

Turn tap to the left to turn it off

Grab the first dish of the pile

Place it in the sink

Grab the scrubbing brush with the other hand

Place the scrubbing brush onto the dish

Scrub the brush back and forth

Scrub till the dish is clean

Lift the dish out of the water

Place the dish onto the drying rack

Repeat for all of the dishes

Reach hand into the water

Grab the plug

Pull the plug up to let the water out

Let the water wash down the sink

Grab the tea towel with one hand

Grab a dish from the clean pile with the other hand

Rub the tea towel in a circle and dry the dish

Walk to the the cupboard

Place dish where it belongs

Walk back to the clean dish rack

Repeat till the dishes are done

Grab the dish cloth

Grab the hot water tap with the other hand

Turn the tap to the right

Place the dish cloth under the water

Grab the tap with the other hand

Turn the tap to the left

Grab dishcloth with both hands

Squeeze out excess water

Place dish cloth onto the bench

Drag the dish cloth along the bench to sweep away excess water

Repeat till bench is clear of water

Squeeze excess water out of dish cloth

Place dish cloth onto the bench


Ritual investigation – Images


I find this image very interesting, it is a close up of the sink tap running. Through this still shot we can see the individual bubbles. This shot almost adds something deeper than just “dish washing”, there is more to it. From this shot you can perhaps notice the water pressure, and where the pressure is most high. As the water gets closer to the bottom of the image it loosens up, the water particles are larger. This is compared to the very top of the tap where the water is coming straight out, the particles are smaller.


I also find this image very interesting as i think just from one image of dishes you can almost tell what time of day it is. You can see that this is not necessarily after dinner time, perhaps more mid day as it shows obvious signs of baking. If there was more pans and plates we could then assume it was dinner dishes.


A close up of the sink filling up. This shot shows the sink plug, dish brush and bubbles. This shot shows the different aspects of dish washing. This shot was obviously taken at the start so the water is still clean and the bubbles are still building. When you first squirt the soap into the water there is hardly any bubbles but the more you move the dish brush around they slowly froth up more and more. I could potentially play around with this idea of things building up from nothing.


img_0936 img_0949


These 4 images are all showing the different bubble textures and bubbles on different surfaces. The second image down shows a picture of the bubbles in the sink when the water is fresh, we can see here there is more bubbles and they are also bigger than the next image down when the water is older therefore the bubbles have dissolved more.  The second image down of the bubbles kind of reminds me off a bee hive with the way the bubbles are laid out.

    img_0966 img_1030


Because I was also looking at textures I took a picture of my flat mates hands before and after doing the dishes, you can clearly see the difference, the affect water has had on her hands. Before the dishes we can see that her hands look normal but after about 10-15 minutes of dish washing her hands are all wrinkled from being sat in the water. I could use this idea and play around with the idea of something changing after a certain amount of time, a texture could change, just like the hands.

img_0987  img_1006

These are images of dishes getting dried, the final stage in the dish washing ritual. Through these images we can see the different textures of a couple of items that are being dried and also the textures within the tea towel. It could be interesting to document the state of the tea towel as more and more dishes get dried as it may become more limp and gross looking as it gets wetter.


This image shows some dirty dishes. From this image we can pretty safely say that this image was taken sometime in the evening as they look a lot like dinner dishes, the pots, plates and cheese grater indicate this. It is interesting that through what is being shown we can have a good guess at what time of day it might be.