Playing Around

After researching the reflections of bubbles and the colours they make I have decided to explore colour a bit more. I have scribbled these 3 patterns out of highlighters and intend on creating mash ups with them with my sketch up models and photos from the site.


highlighters over it

I did a quick mash up of one of the patterns and my first sketch up model.


To help provoke more ideas I decided to add the patterns into some photographs. I think what i have learnt from doing this is I should consider colour in my design, it also may add a sense of playfulness to my site. Again I realise I should consider having the poles of light going every direction rather than just vertical, this way people not only have to weave through them they have to go up and over and also under them? Something to consider anyway.


Quick activity in Class

We had 10 minutes and plain white paper to create a model of what we presented at interim presentation. These are the poles that I put into Masons Lane.

Once we had a made a model of our own the person to our left had to re create our model in some way. This is Rebekah’s interpretation of my model, she did much the same as myself however like my original model she made the poles different lengths. Her model however was not able to stand up straight by itself, although this was an accident it could be something to think about further, maybe my poles don’t have to all stand up straight?


This is one of Oh Seung Yul’s work, the “Moamoa, A Decade”. This space was filled of blow up yellow tubes for people to push through and find there way around. This space inspires me for my own design as i essentially want the same thing. I could re think the materials of my design, maybe like this they could be a more squishy material so that it doesn’t matter if people bang into them.

Images and Information sourced from:

Interim Presentation


IMG_4953 (1)  IMG_4953 (1)   IMG_0937 (1)

These are initial explorations of the textures of both the site (Masons lane) and dishwashing. The middle image is a mash up of both which creates another type of texture. One thing i notice from looking at the textures of both the site and my ritual is there is a lot of circular shapes. These circular shapes is something I could look into more and explore more when creating my space.




I wanted to explore bubbles more so I decided to add food colouring to the bubble mixture out of dishwashing liquid, once i blew it onto the piece of paper this is the shapes it made. Again, more circles.




A mash up of the sound from letting the water out and a video i took of myself going down the steps at Masons Lane. Because the feeling I get from the sound of letting the water out stresses me out I want to create a space that in a way mimics this idea of being stressed and getting annoyed at the sound.


Scan 4Scan 3

When I think about being stressed and in situations I do not like I think of darkness and not being able to see where I am going, so these are a couple of sketches based of this idea.



I made a quick sketch up model based off my idea of being stressed out in my space. I have added round light bars into my space,  my idea is that they would only give off a very small amount of light so you can not really make out where you are going up the stairs. As well I also want the lights to flicker from on and off so it creates a kind of strobe like affect which stresses the person out who is walking up the steps.


A quick video I made up of how I want the lights to flicker and change.





Micro Ritual Model

Myself and Brittany got the micro ritual of Flexing your muscle. We wanted to focus on the idea of tendons and muscles tensing and when you flex one muscle others can go loose. The video below shows how our design worked, you pull one cord, things tense and then move whilst other strings go loose or are still loose.

Audio Recordings at the site – This is an audio recording I took whilst walking up Masons lane. Just from listening to this audio you can tell just how handy to the city it is as you can hear the traffic and the buzz of people. You also hear people’s footsteps (mostly mine) walking up and down the stairs. I visited the site in a relatively quiet part of the day, so it would be interesting to compare this audio recording to one that was taken around 5-5:30, in rush hour when there would be a lot more noise of people. The further i get up the stairs you can also start to hear the video that is playing in the installation halfway. – The second set of stairs audio. – Audio for the last set of stairs going up Masons Lane.