The scale of my model is about 1:50

I wanted to make a model that focuses on the aspects of lighting and the obstructions in the space, I have not added the stairs into my model for this reason. I shon lights from different angles to see how the obstructions dealt with it and how the light bounced off them. I wanted to also try and portray the idea of the stress of the space, i think the third image from the left shows this well, you can get an idea for how little lighting their could be in the space.


Details about the period of the installation.

The installation of my space will not be permanent, it will only stay up for 3 weeks. The reason for this is because i want it to be impactful, it if is there for to long it will lose its excitement. Another important factor that i considered is that masons lane is a highly used walkway for many people, it provides an essential shortcut for many people heading to the terrace or lambton quay, if the installation was up for to long it would start to annoy people as it would get in the way and if people needed to rush anywhere they couldn’t because they would have to navigate through my space, people would eventually get frustrated with it. My installation will act as a public space instead of performance like space, I want the general public to be able to experience it and the stressfulness of it as they get to the space, i want them to be able to figure it out for themselves.

How do they attach to the wall?

I have just done some quick research on how to attach the rubber bands to the walls on the space. I think domestic hooks that you would find around your home would be a cool idea. You would put holes in the ends of the rubber bands to place over the hooks once the hooks were screwed to the wall. This makes them easy to put up and take down. Perhaps after a few days the layout of the rubber bands could change. Once my space has been removed from the site the hooks will remain as a remanence of the installation, a way for people to remember it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 4.53.07 PM

How it will work.



I have re thought the idea of the obstacles and just having them in the second set of stairs. I have decided to also utilise the first set of stairs to add to the experience of my space. The sound of the water getting let down the sink that is stressful is gradual at first, you think its not to bad then all of a sudden it gets very intense. As people enter my space from lambton quay they will first of all see a few obstacles in their way as they climb the first set of stairs, easy enough to get around but as they reach the top of the first set of stairs and turn the corner it all of a sudden gets very intense. Like the noise of the water getting let down the sink, those who can handle it will stay and continue up but those who cannot will turn around and go back the easy way.