Revisiting the lighting


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I think having the whole rubber bands light up may provide to much light and the overall experience is not as playful or stressful because there is a lot of light. I have decided to use the idea of heat sensors so when a part of someones body touches the rubber band as they climb over it lights up because of the heat and when it is not being touched it does not light up. This therefore creates a reasonably dark space which is stressful for the users. When touched they will give of quite a decent amount of light so one can see however it will disappear after a few seconds so to see again they will have to touch another. The rubber bands will have heat sensors in them so this is achieved.


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Each rubber band will be a different colour so no matter where it is touched it will display the same colour. However each individual rubber band will be a different colour to the one next to it. I am not going to order the colours that each rubber band is in in anyway as i want to base it off the reflective colours that come off bubbles and how it is random depending where the bubble is and what it is reflecting.


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