How are the lights placed in the site?



Rough sketches showing lighting ideas.

I have explored different ways I could have the lighting in my space. They could be on timers on the sides of the wall (image 1) and have the timing at certain lengths apart or they could be motion sensors on the side of the walls so when people walk past them they go off. The second option is to have lights on the roof so that by the time the light beams get to the  rubber bands the light is quite weak and the denser the rubber bands are above you the less you can see. The third option is to have the rubber bands themselves dimly lit, not so bright as I don’t want to make the experience to easy and normal, i still want to provide some darkness, these lights could potentially still be affected by the individual however, they could be motion detected like the second idea but instead of lights on the wall the whole rubber band could light up.


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