side elevation

I want my space to be stressful and hard to navigate through however I think having the obstacles as metal would prove difficult to get through, if they were metal the person physically might not be able to squeeze through. However I do like the idea of having lots of different obstacles. Perhaps I could play with materials and what materials it could be made of. Like oh seung yuls work there is not many gaps between the blow up tubes but because they are blow up you can push through them.

Research of Other materials I could potentially use that can be moved through:



-Blow up material (oh seung yul)


-rubber bands


After exploring and thinking about the materials I could potentially use I think rubber large up scaled rubber band material is my best choice. However rubber bands do not have the qualities to be able to stand up on their own so even though I was already thinking about changing the angles of the objects in my space they will now have to go horizontally across my space unless they were to go from the floor to the roof which would mean they would have to be very large. I like the idea of the rubber bands being horizontal as i believe they would provide more of an obstacle to have to step over and under compared to simply stepping around a rubber band that was vertically positioned. I still however want my space to light up so I will have to explore how I can add lighting to my space with these rubber bands.


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