Revisiting the lighting


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I think having the whole rubber bands light up may provide to much light and the overall experience is not as playful or stressful because there is a lot of light. I have decided to use the idea of heat sensors so when a part of someones body touches the rubber band as they climb over it lights up because of the heat and when it is not being touched it does not light up. This therefore creates a reasonably dark space which is stressful for the users. When touched they will give of quite a decent amount of light so one can see however it will disappear after a few seconds so to see again they will have to touch another. The rubber bands will have heat sensors in them so this is achieved.


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Each rubber band will be a different colour so no matter where it is touched it will display the same colour. However each individual rubber band will be a different colour to the one next to it. I am not going to order the colours that each rubber band is in in anyway as i want to base it off the reflective colours that come off bubbles and how it is random depending where the bubble is and what it is reflecting.


Informal Presentation

My revised idea of feedback from interim. The obstacles are now rubber bands that are lit up. I wanted to only use the second lot of stairs as the stressful noise that i have based my idea off is calm at the start then all of a sudden it gets really intense. I have also changed the the obstacles from interim, they are now going horizontally as I think this would provide more of an obstacle and make it more interactive as people have to push the rubber bands up or down to get over them.

Suggestions from presentation:

-I could go back to having the lights light up on touch but have them heat reactant so when peoples hands or body touch them to move the rubber bands that part of the rubber band lights up.

– Make the words smaller as they are to over powering

-make the background lighter so my actual models stand out more.

Best Architectural drawings of 2016


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For a quick in class activity we look at the best architectural drawings of 2016 and had to chose our favourite. The image above is my favourite as I like the use of ink, I like the way that it doesn’t directly imply anything, you can read it how you wish.

How are the lights placed in the site?



Rough sketches showing lighting ideas.

I have explored different ways I could have the lighting in my space. They could be on timers on the sides of the wall (image 1) and have the timing at certain lengths apart or they could be motion sensors on the side of the walls so when people walk past them they go off. The second option is to have lights on the roof so that by the time the light beams get to the  rubber bands the light is quite weak and the denser the rubber bands are above you the less you can see. The third option is to have the rubber bands themselves dimly lit, not so bright as I don’t want to make the experience to easy and normal, i still want to provide some darkness, these lights could potentially still be affected by the individual however, they could be motion detected like the second idea but instead of lights on the wall the whole rubber band could light up.


side elevation

I want my space to be stressful and hard to navigate through however I think having the obstacles as metal would prove difficult to get through, if they were metal the person physically might not be able to squeeze through. However I do like the idea of having lots of different obstacles. Perhaps I could play with materials and what materials it could be made of. Like oh seung yuls work there is not many gaps between the blow up tubes but because they are blow up you can push through them.

Research of Other materials I could potentially use that can be moved through:



-Blow up material (oh seung yul)


-rubber bands


After exploring and thinking about the materials I could potentially use I think rubber large up scaled rubber band material is my best choice. However rubber bands do not have the qualities to be able to stand up on their own so even though I was already thinking about changing the angles of the objects in my space they will now have to go horizontally across my space unless they were to go from the floor to the roof which would mean they would have to be very large. I like the idea of the rubber bands being horizontal as i believe they would provide more of an obstacle to have to step over and under compared to simply stepping around a rubber band that was vertically positioned. I still however want my space to light up so I will have to explore how I can add lighting to my space with these rubber bands.

Playing Around

After researching the reflections of bubbles and the colours they make I have decided to explore colour a bit more. I have scribbled these 3 patterns out of highlighters and intend on creating mash ups with them with my sketch up models and photos from the site.


highlighters over it

I did a quick mash up of one of the patterns and my first sketch up model.


To help provoke more ideas I decided to add the patterns into some photographs. I think what i have learnt from doing this is I should consider colour in my design, it also may add a sense of playfulness to my site. Again I realise I should consider having the poles of light going every direction rather than just vertical, this way people not only have to weave through them they have to go up and over and also under them? Something to consider anyway.

Quick activity in Class

We had 10 minutes and plain white paper to create a model of what we presented at interim presentation. These are the poles that I put into Masons Lane.

Once we had a made a model of our own the person to our left had to re create our model in some way. This is Rebekah’s interpretation of my model, she did much the same as myself however like my original model she made the poles different lengths. Her model however was not able to stand up straight by itself, although this was an accident it could be something to think about further, maybe my poles don’t have to all stand up straight?


This is one of Oh Seung Yul’s work, the “Moamoa, A Decade”. This space was filled of blow up yellow tubes for people to push through and find there way around. This space inspires me for my own design as i essentially want the same thing. I could re think the materials of my design, maybe like this they could be a more squishy material so that it doesn’t matter if people bang into them.

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